Lil Nas X references drugs and TwitchCon on Pokimane stream

Lil Nas X has discovered one of the perils of livestreaming during a recent Twitch broadcast with Pokimane, with the ‘Old Town Road’ rapper saying that he’d heard “everyone gets together and does a lot of drugs” at TwitchCon. Pokimane quickly shut down the comments, saying that there “isn’t any drugs at TwitchCon” but that there is “a lot of getting together.”

During the stream, Pokimane asked Nas if he’d previously attended TwitchCon, after the rapper said the event would be “so fun.”

“No, I just know everybody gets together and does a lot of drugs,” Nas replied, before launching into a brief dance.

“I don’t think there’s any drugs at TwitchCon, but there is a lot of getting together, that’s for sure,” Pokimane laughed.

TwitchCon has stern policies against drug use at the event. In its Code of Conduct, the event lists ‘possession of any illegal substance or illegal drugs’ directly beneath ‘possession of weapons’ in the category Unacceptable Behavior and Prohibitions.

Lil Nas X will be co-headlining TwitchCon 2019’s Saturday night party with Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, with the rapper appearing on a surprise stream with the Twitch Partner to promote this fact. The stream saw Nas holding a listening party for his new EP, 7.

The Video on Demand (VOD) of the Lil Nas X and Pokimane stream was deleted on Twitch, so the clip of Nas’s comments is unavailable. However, esports consultant Rob Breaslau downloaded and shared the clip on Twitter:

Twitch, Nas, nor Pokimane have addressed the rapper’s comments, though considering he’s set to headline the platform’s biggest annual event, it’s a controversial move for him to discuss behavior that breaches the event’s Code of Conduct. It’s unclear if the video was removed as a result of Lil Nas X’s comments, or as a result of an unrelated issue.