Sony in talks to allow Twitch streams of films and anime, claims xQc

Two Twitch streamers are looking to bring something new to the video broadcasting platform: xQc and NymnN are reportedly in talks with Sony to make Twitch movie streaming a reality through a special licensing deal that would give them access to a catalogue of movies and anime.

According to xQc, he and Nymn went into a meeting with Sony in an attempt to secure legal access to stream certain entertainment media on their respective channels. They didn’t specify what exactly they would be streaming, but Sony has a seriously large catalogue of past entertainment that could theoretically be made available to them for streaming purposes.

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“So, me and NymN—a little bit maybe more NymN—me and NymN had a meeting with Sony, downstairs,” xQc began. “It was only us, right? With Sony. And we tried to work on getting at some point a special catalog for movie nights and licenses to stream some of their movies that they have. Right? So we could watch movies on stream.

“We’re making progress and making like a dialogue and s***,” he continued, “and they’re actually really good with it. And maybe even some anime, too.”

While both xQc and NymN play their fair share of games, the two streamers also spend a fair amount of time watching various videos on their streams and talking with chat about them. Nymn often streams odd movies on Sundays, although the VODs tend not to stick around for very long.

Should these two Twitch streamers make the deal go through, it may well prove a popular new choice for entertainment. The likes of Mystery Science Theater and Rifftrax have done the “watch movies while commentating” thing for decades now, but there hasn’t been much in the way of serious attempts to do this legitimately on a platform like Twitch as far as I know. If xQc and NymN pull it off, it would certainly be an interesting experience.