Alinity Twitch ban petition blows up, animal welfare group investigates cat throwing video

A petition to ban Alinity from Twitch has reached over 15,000 signatures after a video of the streamer throwing her cat went viral. She is also currently under investigation by the Saskatoon SPCA Animal Protection Services, which has registered a public complaint regarding her treatment of her animals.

Alinity has 890,000 followers on Twitch, where she makes a living as a full-time streamer. However, many have now called for her to be banned from the platform altogether, after a video of her throwing one of her cats over her head was widely shared online.

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The video showed Alinity becoming frustrated with her cat, Milo, while she was playing Apex Legends. She then appears to toss the cat above her head, with the clip being taken from the Twitch stream and shared across Twitter and Facebook.

After the video went viral, another clip emerged of her “kissing” her cat while she had vodka in her mouth. The clip shows the cat reacting negatively to the alcohol, and while the incident took place over a year ago, many suggested it was further evidence of her mistreating her animals.

The Saskatoon SPCA tweeted in response to these concerns:

Last week, Alinity addressed the criticisms surrounding both videos, calling them “lapses in judgement.”

“I shouldn’t have gotten frustrated with Milo, but I dropped him on the floor behind my chair. I’m not that strong :P,” she tweeted. “The Vodka thing was well over a year ago but it was also a stupid thing to do.”

The petition calling for her ban has received over 15,000 signatures at the time of this writing, with the petition calling for Twitch to “permanently ban” her from streaming. The petition also contains the unfounded suggestion that “Twitch has a clear bias and they favor women streamers,” despite only 3 female streamers currently ranking on the platform’s top 100 most-followed list.

Twitch has yet to respond to concerns surrounding Alinity’s behavior, and her channel remains online at the time of this writing.