Zombie Doom Slayer skin brought to life with collectible statue

The Zombie Doom Slayer skin has been brought to life with a collectible statue in advance of the hotly-anticipated release of Doom Eternal. The skin is a reward for people who join the Slayers Club, a fan club for people who love the Doom franchise. Now, one of the digital rewards has been brought to life in a stunningly-beautiful collectible statue.

For a bit of context, the Slayers Club is the official fan club for all things Doom run by Bethesda Softworks. Players are incentivized to join with the promise of digital goodies, one of which is the Zombie Doom Slayer skin for the game itself. It’s not the only skin available through the Slayers Club, but it’s certainly one of the coolest. After all, if the regular ol’ Slayer is hard to kill, then it stands to reason that an undead Slayer would even be more of a challenge to take down for good!

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Now, the zombie version of the universe’s angriest space marine has been forged into a fantastic collectible statue. Have a gander at some angles of the beautiful Zombie Doom Slayer skin statue to see what it looks like for yourself!

Zombie Doom Slayer Skin

This statute is exclusive to Bethesda Softworks’ digital storefronts and only 2,000 of them are being created in total. Standing 8″ (≈20.3 cm) tall, this polyresin statue will definitely help keep the nightmares away at night. A base is included, although it isn’t shown in the above pictures. Bear in mind that the images seen here are of a pre-production model and may not be 100% representative of the final product, although it should give you a good idea of what they’re aiming for.

You can grab your very own Zombie Doom Slayer skin statue for the relatively sane price of $80.00 or your regional equivalent. Go ahead and swing on by the Bethesda Gear Store to pick up one for yourself. Remember, there are only going to be 2,000 of these bad boys made — if it seems like the kind of thing you’d want, you had better grab it fast before they’re all gone for good!