Anomaly Twitch ban seemingly caused by offensive Minecraft skin

A poor choice of Minecraft player skin may have resulted in the Anomaly Twitch ban recently. The streamer Anomaly was playing some Minecraft and talking with his audience as per usual. He brought up his menu (which reveals the player’s skin facing forward), revealing an unfortunate historical figure and probably resulting in a ban from the video streaming service.

The events that apparently kicked off the Anomaly Twitch ban started with a Minecraft livestream. Anomaly was looking over an area of land and wondered out loud if he should start constructing something on the side of a mountain. He then opened up his menu, revealing that he was using Adolf Hitler as his skin in the game.

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“Oh my god, I have the wrong skin on there,” he said, laughing. “Let me change my skin really quick.”

This particular streamer has had issues in the past with Twitch; according to his Twitter, he received a permanent ban a bit over a month ago for “hateful conduct”.

“I have been permanently banned from Twitch? Hello?” read the tweet regarding an earlier Anomaly Twitch ban. Thankfully, this newer ban will be much shorter than “forever” and he seems content to redirect his efforts towards editing videos and waiting for his channel to be restored.

Anomaly’s current ban is set to expire in 30 days according to a tweet from the streamer:

No specific reason for the ban was provided by Anomaly. Twitch does not comment on bans or the reasons behind them as a matter of policy.

You can watch the video that shows Anomaly using the Adolf Hitler skin in Minecraft and realizing his mistake below. In the meantime, this particular Twitch streamer will be redirecting his energy towards editing LAN videos and making more content for his second channel.