Minecraft is crashing Xbox Series X consoles and deleting saves for some players

Minecraft is one of the many classic games available on the Xbox Series X, but it may have a problem — YouTuber Stampylongnose and several other players are reporting that the game is crashing their Xbox Series X and deleting saves in some cases.

Today is launch day for the Xbox Series X and some of the lucky few players who managed to get their hands on this next-gen console have decided to jump into some older games. Minecraft has seen some nice improvements on the PS4, but it looks like the Xbox version isn’t doing too well —one prominent YouTuber reports that there have been some severe technical issues with one of his older worlds.

Minecraft may have serious issues on Xbox Series X

Minecraft crashing Xbox Series X deleting saves YouTuber Stampylongnose sunset

One of the many features in Minecraft is the ability to transfer worlds between console generations. As one might expect, some players have some very old worlds that they have been playing for years and a portion of these players are undoubtedly transferring their worlds to the new Xbox Series X console. Unfortunately, one such player has encountered some pretty rough problems.

YouTuber Stampylongnose recently moved his “Lovely World” game save to the Xbox Series X and says that it didn’t just crash his new console — it also deleted his save.

Thankfully, he had a backup on hand and was able to restore it. A second attempt to load the world worked, but it ended up being “horribly laggy” in his estimation. This would be a problem for any game, but Minecraft is on a whole other level of popularity. Part of that popularity is due to an immense level of player freedom to build anything they want, but that can also be an issue for some older worlds — loading times can grow and frame rates can drop as more and more stuff piles up in a world over months and years.

Why is this happening? There are a lot of possible reasons for the reported crashing, but this particular case might have something to do with the fact that Stampylongnose’s world is very old and has been played for several years. If you plan on playing Minecraft on the Xbox Series X, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you have backups of your world just in case.