Minecraft sales hit 200 million copies — and more than half are playing

Minecraft sales have hit an incredibly huge milestone. Today, Microsoft has announced that this survival sandbox block-building game that they purchased from Mojang has crossed 200 million sales — and more than half of those copies of Minecraft are still being played every month.

A news post on the Xbox Wire revealed the impressive milestone early this morning. Aside from making a ton of Money, Microsoft has also revealed that there have been 50 million downloads of free educational content, some of which were made available only recently during the ongoing pandemic.

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While 200 million Minecraft sales are certainly impressive, the number of people playing the game is equally astonishing.  The Xbox Wire post also mentions that 126 million people are still playing the game every month. That means that for every 5 copies of Minecraft sold, 3 of them are still being played at least once a month.

The recent pandemic is cited as one of the reasons for the high player count. There are still quite a few people (many of them children) stuck at home without much to do, and it seems that many of them are turning to Minecraft.

Microsoft initially purchased Mojang for $2 billion; 200 million sales mean that Minecraft has brought in twice that in revenue. Once you factor in things like DLC and merchandise, Microsoft has likely already made its money back and then some. Talk about a smart investment!

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