No, Ninja didn’t just say the N-Word

Twitch streamer and famed Fortnite player Ninja was recently answering some questions from chat on his channel. Unfortunately, he had a slip of the tongue when pronouncing his own name and it came out as a rather unfortunate word.

“N- [clears throat] Ninja, recommendations you can tell us what is best faced on a hundred-fifteen solo so I can—,” the streamer appears to say in a short Twitch clip. He was clearly reading off a question sent to him from one of his viewers. A charitable interpretation of the incident would be that he had a slip of the tongue while reading his own name in the standard rapid-fire style of talking that many online entertainers are used to when interacting with their audiences.

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As we can’t see the text that was sent to him to read, it’s possible that the author of the question used the n-word at the beginning of the question and had hoped that the streamer would read it without thinking. It is just as likely that Ninja’s tongue got a bit twisted while he was reading out the question and it very nearly came out as an offensive word.

The Twitch streamer previously got in a bit of hot water back in 2018 when he used the n-word while rapping along with a song. He had replaced the original lyrics with an ad-lib of “my n****, my n****.”

We can’t say for sure what exactly caused Ninja to stumble in this most recent stream, but he just barely managed to avoid an incident that would have put a serious damper on the community’s good mood following the recent conclusion of the Fortnite World Cup 2019. What is clear to anyone who listens to the clip is that he stopped short of saying anything offensive. Decide for yourself by listening to the clip below.