Tommy Wiseau has joined Mixer after Ninja ditches Twitch

Tommy Wiseau is the next unlikely name to join Mixer after Ninja ditched Twitch in order to exclusively stream on the Microsoft platform. The Room director and inspiration for The Disaster Artist made the announcement on Twitter, with his channel description appropriately reading, “oh hi mixer!”

Wiseau has now jumped on the Mixer bandwagon, after previously streaming on Twitch. Wiseau’s Twitch channel, which had just under 10,000 followers, was verified by the streaming platform. He would infrequently post videos of him hosting showings of The Room, with his last upload taking place 19 days ago.

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As Ninja realized after making the jump to Mixer, Twitch can remove the verification status from individuals who begin streaming on another platform. Within the same day of Ninja’s announcement, Twitch removed the verification checkmark on his channel.

It’s unclear if the same fate will befall Tommy Wiseau, though as the director was hardly a Twitch staple, the removal of his verification checkmark wouldn’t be too damaging.

Wiseau has yet to post any videos on the channel, and it’s unclear if he’s looking to invest more time into the platform than he did Twitch. Mixer also has its own IRL and Web Show categories, so it could be that Wiseau will focus on providing more footage from his routine screenings of The Room.

However, the director does have experience when it comes to playing video games on the internet. Wiseau briefly hosted ‘The Tommy Wi-Show,’ a short-lived Machinima series in which he was held hostage by an alien who forced him to play games such as Fight Night Champion with special guests.

The Tommy Wi-Show is unlikely to make a comeback, though we could see some gaming livestreams from Wiseau in the future. You’ll have to follow his official channel over on Mixer to see if that will be the case.