From Software GoFundMe campaign aims to rescue unreleased games

From Software GoFundMe campaign is underway by YouTuber Lance McDonald which seeks to preserve a bit of gaming history. McDonald has been working tirelessly to preserve and show off cut content from games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and now he’s trying to do the same for unreleased builds of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls.

Mr. McDonald announced via Twitter that he was establishing a From Software GoFundMe to raise the money necessary to purchase the unreleased build discs and ultimately preserve them for posterity’s sake (if anything else). “I don’t personally have that much interest in the discs,” he began, “but i have the tools and skills to get the most out of them and into the publics’ hands so I figure letting people donate was the best way to go. I can’t justify the cost myself.”

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The FromSoftware GoFundMe campaign is seeking $800 in total to purchase three discs from a private collector. The campaign states that it’s going to be used to purchase, “Demon’s Souls and two Dark Souls discs.”

These aren’t regular off-the-shelf copies of the games, though! The FromSoftware GoFundMe campaign is going to be purchasing review builds, special advance copies that are sent out to game reviewers weeks ahead of a game’s official release. These review builds are often slightly different (and sometimes very different) from what you would experience in the final release of the game, making them a unique piece of gaming history.

Dozens of new games are released every day and it’s all too easy for our past to slip away if we don’t try to maintain it for future generations. If you would like to help preserve a bit of gaming history, you can donate to the FromSoftware GoFundMe campaign.