Best planet in No Man’s Sky discovered by Gothalion

The best planet in No Man’s Sky may have been discovered by a Twitch Streamer. The livestreamer known as Gothalion was flying around the universe looking for something special, and it seems that he may have found what he was looking for.

“I’m gonna look at that chromatic fog pit planet, dude,” Gothalion said during his stream. “I’m gonna look at it. I don’t like orange water though, dude. You know? Not a fan of the orange water, chat.”

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Gothalion’s quests for the best planet in No Man’s Sky landed him on a world called Desaylix Huir, an unmapped world with orange water. Gothalion moved in for a landing as the theme from Jurassic Park began to swell to its crescendo, the combination of the planet and the music seemingly bringing him to tears. He seemed to stutter for a moment as his character stared out into the ocean.

It quickly became apparent as to why this might just be the best planet in No Man’s Sky — Gothalion’s tears quickly turned to laughter as he began to chroma key in a tiled face of Nicolas Cage, a classic and well-beloved meme around the world.

Best Planet In No Man's Sky Nic Cage

“It’s beautiful, man!” Gothalion exclaimed. “It’s beautiful, chat! It’s gorgeous! We’re home!”

“That was worth the set-up time,” Gothalion said following the conclusion of the Twitch clip, although it was clear that he didn’t actually think that this was the best planet in No Man’s Sky, later stating that it “f***ing blows”. He then hopped back into his ship and sailed off into the sunset while still occasionally laughing at the after-effects of his own silly joke. You can watch the reveal of all of this silliness in the Twitch clip below.