Highest level WoW Classic player suffers health scare, but keeps playing

As with the launch of most popular games, Activision Blizzard’s classic World of Warcraft revival has seen a number of players embark on a marathon race to be the first to reach the maximum rank. One player known as “JokerdTV” is currently at the head of the pack, grinding hard since the game’s release. However, this highest level WoW Classic player recently came to the realization that his health might be suffering as a result of the many long, uninterrupted hours of play. This thought struck him while he was live on Twitch.

The clip, which you can watch below, sees JokerdTV pause the music he has playing in order to be frank with his viewers for a moment. “Are my like fingers, uhh, swelling a sign of f***ing blood clot or what?” He proceeds to offer a little more context as to the feeling in his fingers, stating that they’re “cold” and “numb,” likening it to when you’ve been sat on your hand and it goes to sleep.

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Having taken precautions to stretch, “run around,” and hydrate, Jokerd nonchalantly concludes “Anyway, I’m sure I’m fine,” before hitting play on his music and continuing the grind. While some users on Reddit have opined that he may be headed for something as severe as a heart attack, his symptoms are more likely to be a result of carpal tunnel syndrome, a form of repetitive strain injury.

It’s a common affliction amongst MMORPG players who spend many hours a day repeating the same actions on their mouse and keyboard; so much so that TV show South Park made fun of the fact in the popular episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft.” JokerdTV’s possible carpel tunnel may last forever, but it’s hard to say whether his fame as the potential first player to hit the level cap of 60 will. Only time will tell if he made the right decision.