G2 Esports CSGO fail leads to a humiliating defeat

As you may already know if you checked out our bizarre story on the professional Counter-Strike players from Syman Gaming and Vitality that enjoyed a playground game of leapfrog to pass the time during a delay, the CSGO 2019 Major Championships are currently ongoing and will proceed through September 8. Somehow, this year’s Major has now spawned an even stranger event, which saw a particularly bad G2 Esports CSGO fail cost the team a victory.

After eliminating everyone on the opposing team of terrorists, the G2 Esports players on the counter-terrorist team seemingly forgot that the match doesn’t end whilst an active bomb is in play. They made no effort to defuse the bomb, which had been armed by opponents Astralis prior to their deaths, yet the audience and commentators were well aware of their monumental blunder. “What are they doing? They’re not finding the bomb. No… no no no,” start the disbelieving comments, before degrading into almost pained laughter.

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Once the bomb inevitably explodes, the camera zooms in on the winners Astralis as they celebrate an astonishingly lucky win. One of the event’s casters adds that “You won’t see that ever again,”  and G2 Esports seemingly took the unprecedented loss in their stride by sharing the below tongue-in-cheek tweet.

G2 Esports CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago would appear to put his players on blast via Twitter, but only to the uninitiated, as it actually served to parody a similar post from Jason Lake, owner of the compLexity esports team.

Though the G2 Esports crew admirably took their embarrassment on the chin, and most fans were overjoyed to have seen the hilarious moment, that hasn’t stopped some speculation that the game might’ve been intentionally thrown. During the post-match handshakes, G2 player “shox” can be seen winking at one of his victorious opponents, though that doesn’t prove any shenanigans were at play.

Whatever the explanation is, G2 Esports will continue to play CSGO with their current roster. Here’s hoping they check, double-check, then triple-check that there isn’t a bomb in play before downing tools in the future. You can watch the full clip below.