WoW Classic streamer Asmongold responds ‘F*** that s***’ after Dr Disrespect trashes the game

Image source: Asmongold Twitch

After Dr Disrespect chose to stream Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) instead of World of Warcraft Classic, he preempted questions from his Twitch chat by saying “Why? ‘Cause there ain’t f***ing nothin’ else to play.” The Doc then proceeded to blast Activision Blizzard’s old-school MMORPG, not holding back any of his distaste for the game and seemingly its community. Now, WoW Classic streamer Asmongold has taken issue with those comments and fired back on the Doc and his choice of game in PUBG.

The Twitch clip, which you can watch here, sees Asmon listen to Dr Disrespect’s rant in clear bemusement before he eventually exclaims “And you don’t wanna do that?!” as Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV offers his outlandish interpretation of what playing WoW Classic entails. Doc later mentions that “Everybody thinks it’s cool that we’re living back in 2001… That ain’t the case,” which Asmon latches onto before launching his full rebuttal.

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WoW Classic is actually based on the 2006 “Drums of War” build, but regardless, Asmongold asserts that PUBG‘s hit detection system makes the popular battle royale game feel like a release from 2001. “Oh wow, I got shot through a wall again — just like 2001,” he says while throwing his arms up in clear disbelief. He continues to state that if it were 2001, PUBG would, in his opinion, subscribe to “Higher go****n standards” than it does now.

A riled-up Asmongold closes out with an exhausted “F*** that s***,” which is a sentiment that many gamers may echo. WoW Classic has proven to be an incredibly popular game at launch, singlehandedly causing Activision Blizzard stock to reach its highest value in 2019 so far. The game has proven so popular, in fact, that some servers require a wait time several hours long just to gain access and start playing. Then, when you do start playing, in-game queues formed by polite players mean that you may need to endure yet further downtime.

When gamers are still enjoying the game in droves despite that it’s clear that, alongside Asmongold, many do not share Doc’s disparaging opinions on WoW Classic.