Dr Disrespect on WoW Classic: ‘Cute… 7th grade… wannabe game’

Despite the runaway success which has accompanied the launch of Activision Blizzard’s subscription-based MMORPG revival, seeing their stock price soar and illustrating the powerful allure of nostalgia, one typically disgruntled Twitch streamer isn’t impressed. Despite consistently topping the Twitch viewership charts and at one point securing in excess of 1 million concurrent viewers, comments from Dr Disrespect on WoW Classic have not been kind.

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV chose to stream multiplayer battle royale game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds instead of chasing the emerging trend, though rather than letting his decision speak for itself, Doc threw more than a little shade WoW Classic‘s way. After announcing that he’d be going ahead and streaming PUBG, he preempted curious fans by saying “Why? ‘Cause there ain’t f***ing nothin’ else to play.” Said while gripping his trademark red tactical vest and staring straight down the camera, he continued “I ain’t playin’ no top-down, cute, 7th grade, ball pit Chucky Cheese, wannabe game called World of Warcraft.”

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Somehow said with a straight face, he proceeded to mock the game and its player base by saying “I’m not here to hit little lizards and little cheetahs… with little fireballs for a certain amount of XP because I’m trying to level my guy up so he can unlock a goddamn f***ing dinosaur egg[.]” Clearly he isn’t a fan of World of Warcraft‘s typical fantasy genre tropes, sticking closely to the no-nonsense, military man persona for which he’s best known.

The launch of WoW Classic has proven so popular that people are forming literal in-game queues that are tens of players long, just in order to get their chance at completing quests and killing mobs for rare loot. That’s for those who are lucky enough to gain access to the game at all, as server queues can be several hours long, which no doubt influenced Dr Disrespect’s comments that he doesn’t want to join the masses in “running around desyncing, pinged out of your mind.”

Regardless of Doc’s thoughts, which you can hear in full here, WoW Classic is doing incredibly well for itself in these early stages. It’ll be interesting to see whether that continues as time progresses.