Dr DisRespect is moving to YouTube for his comeback

Image Source: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Update: Dr DisRespect confirmed in a tweet that he’ll be streaming on YouTube starting tomorrow.

After a month of silence, it looks like Dr DisRespect might be coming back. The popular streamer was banned from Twitch at the end of June and disappeared. Besides a single tweet acknowledging the ban, Dr DisRespect has been uncharacteristically quiet. However, an Instagram Live post today announced his return, and it looks like YouTube may be the next home of the Champion’s Club.

Today’s Instagram post, as well as the recent addition of a “Join” button to his YouTube channel, which allows viewers to pay for channel memberships, makes it seem as though Dr DisRespect will begin streaming again. The IG live stream took the form of a fake news story stating that Dr DisRespect could start streaming again as soon as today.

Dr DisRespect’s move to YouTube is further supported by the fact that you need to be in the YouTube Partner Program to allow viewers to sign up for channel memberships. This means he has been in contact with YouTube at some point, if only via an automated system.

The mystery of why Dr DisRespect was banned from Twitch still looms. He’s made no comment about the reason behind it, and Twitch hasn’t released an official statement either. Considering Twitch was in a multi-million dollar partnership with Dr DisRespect when he was removed from the service, it can be assumed the situation is complicated.

It remains to be seen whether or not Dr DisRespect will actually be returning to the streaming world. If he does, YouTube might not be his new home. He may move to Facebook Gaming or even start his own platform. Unfortunately, the details of this situation are still scarce. Plenty of talking heads on social media continue to speculate and cite “sources.” However, the reality is that the truth behind the incident between Dr DisRespect and Twitch is being held tightly under wraps.