Xbox Game Pass Mixer Partner support is Microsoft’s version of Twitch Prime subs

Xbox Wire, Microsoft’s official Xbox news resource, has just revealed that starting today, an Xbox Game Pass Mixer collaboration will allow people to support their favorite partnered streamers through the purchase of an Xbox Game Pass subscription. New subscribers and existing Game Pass subscribers that upgrade to the premium Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, which offers an additional library of Windows 10 PC games, will be able to contribute $3 to a streamer of their choice through the use of a unique code.

A streamer can be credited with a referral either via the new Xbox app on PC or the Xbox Game Pass mobile app for iOS and Android. Purchasers will have 30 days from the start of their new Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate membership to do so, giving them ample time to pull themselves away from the hundreds of games which are available to download in full through the Microsoft service. Recent game additions include the likes of Devil May Cry 5 on Xbox One and Age of Empires: Definitive Edition on PC, in addition to a further 12 games which have either already joined the service or are scheduled to this month alone.

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The new Mixer Partner support program draws obvious comparisons with Amazon’s Twitch Prime service, which allows active Amazon Prime subscribers to select one partnered Twitch streamer to receive a free channel subscription to each month. Streamers earn $2.49 for each Twitch Prime subscription, which amounts to half of the conventional $4.99 subscription cost. With one month of Xbox Game Pass costing $9.99, Mixer streamers don’t get as big of a cut, but do still come out better off, and it could be argued that their viewers do as well. Game Pass might be twice as expensive as a Twitch sub for the month, but it’s easy to assert that access to hundreds of games is more than twice as valuable as access to some Twitch chat emotes.

Whether you’re an active or new Xbox Game Pass subscriber, Microsoft’s new initiative appears to be a great means to support your favorite Mixer Partner without spending any additional money. For more detailed information on how to access the functionality across the suite of Xbox apps, check out the full Xbox Wire post.