Asmongold: It’s ‘not hard’ to outsmart Horde players in WoW Classic, ‘they’re stupid’

Wow Classic streamer Asmongold recently found himself caught up in a tricky situation where a party of enemy Horde players were bearing down on him in a town. As he played on the Alliance side of the game, he was running the risk of getting his butt kicked, but he seemed unconcerned about making an escape.

Asmongold was in Booty Bay, a “neutral” city home to goblins and pirates in a higher-level zone. One of the features of these cities is that it’s terribly easy for the opposing Horde and Alliance sides to engage in PvP combat should they feel the need, and the notable Twitch streamer found himself in a perilous situation when at least five Horde players were chasing him down.

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The Alliance player made his way up onto the roof of one of Booty Bay’s buildings and tucked himself into a corner as Horde players were searching the area. He began making use of his Hearthstone, an item that would teleport him back to a safe area. Unfortunately, a Hearthstone can be interrupted by combat, so he had to hope that he was hidden well enough that the Horde players didn’t notice him. It was then that he made his escape, and decided to talk a little smack once he was safe.

“I’m surprised actually we got away,” Asmongold said as he instructed the people rolling with him to regroup at Stormwind. Another person speaking with him then asked if he had genuinely just outsmarted “like a hundred Horde” and Hearthed away—and that’s when he fired off the banter.

“It’s not hard to outsmart them,” he retorted as his companion laughed. “They’re stupid.”

World of Warcraft Classic has made a huge splash on the MMORPG scene, and part of its magic was the rivalry between Horde and Alliance players. It’s amusing to see that there are still folks out there keeping the smack talk alive more than 15 years after the game first came out. You can see Asmongold’s cheeky escape in the Twitch clip below.