Next-level Samus cosplay will light up Tokyo Game Show

We’re just about a week away from the Tokyo Game Show 2019, and fans are certainly looking forward to a bevy of announcements for games both old and new. One other cool aspect of the show (and many conventions, too) is the cosplay scene, and one particular Japanese creator has made a wild Samus cosplay that looks staggeringly real.

Twitter user @11vadu has been showing off a cosplay of Samus Aran that he’s preparing for the Tokyo Game Show 2019.  Past tweets show the work in progress taking shape, eventually leading to the fully-fledged Samus Aran power armor that we can see today.

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Work on this costume includes a test fit of a blonde wig, contact lenses, and makeup. Even though you can just barely see the wearer’s face through the visor, @11vadu is still going to the trouble to look like the woman within this set of powered armor.

What makes this Samus Aran cosplay particularly interesting is the sheer level of detail that went into its creation. The arm cannon has the ability to open and close and is decorated with an internal light to give the appearance of a charged energy blast. The armor pieces are well crafted and painted, and the wearer seems to be able to move rather effortlessly without much creasing or noticeable gaps in the armor.

This particular cosplay looks pretty darn close to how Samus Aran would look in the real world, and the hard work that went into it becomes readily apparent once the lights go off. The arm cannon isn’t the only thing that lights up! LED lights add the classic green glow to all of the appropriate points on Samus’ armor — visor included — making for a stunning display of cosplayer craftsmanship.

Judging by the background in the images (and past tweets), @11vadu has been in the cosplay scene for a while. His latest creation is an excellent example of the dedication that cosplayers will go to bring a character to life. You can see the Samus cosplay in the tweet below, and don’t forget to check out his Twitter for more images and video! If you’re heading to this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2019, keep an eye out for one of the coolest cosplayers there!