WoW Classic streamer Asmongold is surrounded by trash (literally)

WoW Classic streamer Asmongold recently showed off his room, and suffice it to say, it’s a little bit dirty. This popular Twitch streamer revealed a rather unfortunate mess that was on his desk, and it only got worse from there. Adding fuel to the fire is another streamer who has found himself in a similar situation.

I’m sure most of us, at one point or another, have gotten to the point where a few cans of soda or beer might pile up on our desk as we enjoy a marathon gaming session. The thing is, most of us have the sense to clean up at the end of the day. Unfortunately, not everyone has that same impulse to tidy up, and two popular WoW Classic streamers have highlighted just how bad it can get.

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Twitch streamer Asmongold gave a quick tour of his room in a Twitch clip. It began with his facecam showing a small pile of cans on the desk behind him, but the reality of the situation gradually got worse as the camera panned around. He soon revealed discarded microwave meals and fast food boxes on and around his desk and the floor.

While this certainly seems like an unfortunate situation, he decided to highlight how much worse it used to be. Pulling up a video from 2011, Asmongold showed how he and his friends would simply throw garbage out the window, allowing it to pile up in the yard below.

Thankfully, the stream with the room tour also had Asmongold finally cleaning up before getting into his gameplay session.

While Asmongold’s room got pretty bad, he wasn’t the only Twitch streamer who let their obsession with WoW Classic allow their cleaning standards to fall. Another Twitch streamer going by the name of Jaegerrmeister showed off his own room that was arguably worse in many respects. Here’s hoping these guys remember to clean up a little more often!