Doom Annihilation movie released today as an appetizer for Doom Eternal

The Doom Annihilation movie released today in digital, Blu-Ray, and DVD. The development of this movie didn’t exactly thrill Doom fans, and the reactions to the first trailers were appalling to say the least. A lack of a theatrical release was another hint that this wasn’t going to sweep the Oscar awards.

Notwithstanding, Universal didn’t scrap the project, and it has released on October 1, less than two months before the launch of the hotly anticipated game Doom Eternal.

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This attempted reboot of the Doom movie franchise is based on a similar story to the original movie dating from 2005, with humans finding a portal to hell on Mars. The first Doom movie starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Karl Urban, and Rosamund Pike, and while it was met with a mixed reception, it at least featured a memorable first-person scene that was praised by fans of the games.

However, Doom Annihilation lacks a cast of popular actors, a proper budget, and possibly a vision as well. Earlier this year, the official Doom Twitter account went as far as saying “We’re not involved with the movie,” something that sounds like a seal of disapproval.

The first reactions to Doom Annihilation are in tune with what the movie hinted at. One viewer said that he “was expecting pure garbage, and somehow it was still disappointing,” adding that it is “worse than the first Doom,” without any redeeming qualities.

Another viewer goes to the extent of saying that the first Doom movie “is Oscar material” when compared to the reboot. He adds that it feels like a “cheap soap opera,” with “30 minutes of nothing.” It’s not all dire, however: One viewer say that it was “okay” given the minuscule budget.

The outcome isn’t unexpected, and Doom Annihilation may end up doing a disservice to the franchise in general. With Doom Eternal releasing on November 22, 2019, this movie will once again show us if there is no such thing as bad publicity.