Twitch streamer Alebrelle says Destiny’s child should have been aborted

Twitch streamer Alebrelle has been heavily criticized after saying that fellow streamer Steve “Destiny” Burnell should have aborted his child, with many calling for Alebrelle to be permanently banned from the platform as a result of his comment.

Alebrelle made the comment during a Twitch livestream in the category ‘Just Chatting,’ with him discussing Destiny’s personal life with his viewers

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In the clip, Alebrelle said:

“[Destiny] does not take an active role in the child’s upbringing. He pays everything, he makes sure they’re well-taken care financially, but he brought a life into the world that he didn’t have any intention of loving or caring for, and that’s what abortion is for. The pregnancy happens between two people that have no intention to raise a family together? That’s what it does.”

Destiny was later made aware of Alebrelle’s comments, with him filing a report against the channel to Twitch’s moderators.

“Why would you even think for a second that you would have the wherewithal to have any idea of what the relationship is between me and my kid, to suggest I should have got an abortion?” Destiny said. “Secondly, yeah I live in LA and I have a much less role in my son’s life now, but before that, I saw him five nights a week.”

Alebrelle later appeared on a separate livestream with Ena Unalove, saying that he doesn’t believe in “they go low and we go high,” adding: “F*** him.”

Alebrelle’s comments on Unalove’s stream can be viewed below:

Alebrelle’s channel is still online at the time of this writing, with Twitch having yet to officially respond to Destiny’s report. Twitch’s terms of service prohibits hateful conduct and harassment, with the site handing out temporary or permanent suspensions depending on the severity of the actions.