Does Modern Warfare have a camping problem?

Communities are bound to have issues with any new title in a long-running series, but one particular complaint seems to be shared by a significant number of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players: camping. The Modern Warfare camping issue has the game’s subreddit full of comments claiming Infinity Ward’s latest title is chock-full of campers, apparently due to problems with the game’s map design.

In a post on the Modern Warfare subreddit, user Frostbite115 shared the following YouTube comment from user BSJ IN YO HOUSE, which has earned Frostbite115 more than 10,000 upvotes: “You either die a rusher, or live long enough to see yourself become a camper.” Frostbite115 captioned their screenshot of the comment with “Modern Warfare 2019 in a Nutshell.” Some commentors, like SxbastCOD, say they’ve had to do exactly as Frostbite115’s post described, adopting more defensive playstyles in order to achieve positive kill/death ratios, while others say they avoid camping despite the K/D loss because it’s boring.

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Regardless of an individual player’s reaction to the camping meta, these comments at least confirm many players are experiencing it. User Gaven1725 attributes the Modern Warfare camping problem to map design, blaming Infinity Ward’s decision to place multiplayer maps in more realistic spaces rather than traditional maps with “lanes” for players to travel. User PieAndKitteh elaborated in the comments, saying Modern Warfare‘s maps lack “flow” and include areas that prevent flanking and encourage camping. There also appear to be some issues with spawn locations, keeping battles confined to certain areas, as joaoll pointed out in a post about the Picadilly map.

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The camping problem is the latest in a list of issues fans have run into early in Modern Warfare‘s life. At launch, Modern Warfare was plagued with bugs, sometimes even completely crashing PCs and Xbox One consoles. The community is currently split on skill-based matchmaking for the game, with some fans requesting a separate skill-based mode and a randomized one.