Modern Warfare is missing Spec Ops missions that were advertised at launch

The rebooted Modern Warfare‘s classic Spec Ops co-op mode seems to be drawing particular attention from the game’s community, and not the positive kind. Players have discovered that Modern Warfare Spec Ops missions are missing from the game, despite having been advertised before its launch.

Prior to the game hitting store shelves, Activision and Infinity Ward stated that classic Spec Ops mode would have multiple missions with which players could test their skills. This would be accompanied by both a three-star rating system similar to that in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as well as a new time rating system called “Infinity Ward time.” However, as it currently stands, classic Spec Ops only has one mission, a horde style mission called “Safeguard,” without either rating system.

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The discrepancy between what the developers promised and what was actually delivered was immediately noticed by players on the Modern Warfare subreddit. The negative response was enough that Infinity Ward community manager Ashton Williams eventually revealed that the missing missions would be added to the game later on.

“We’ll be adding new missions as we go along,” replied Williams. “So you’ll be seeing more missions come online soon enough!”

Modern Warfare is missing Spec Ops missions that were advertised at launch

But that reply hasn’t pleased players. Some in the community are still wondering why the features promised at launch are being added later instead. “Spec Ops was a massive selling point for me and my friend, and we were planning to 3 star as many missions as we could on launch day,” stated one Redditor in a new thread. “If someone at IW sees this, please provide clarification for what happened and why the missions are no where to be seen at launch.”

The same Redditor also expressed disappointment at the mission chosen to included in the game at launch, calling it a “watered down version” of the PS4 timed-exclusive Survival Mode. Adding more compelling missions may have eased the sting of the missing missions, however, adding in a lesser version of a mode that a good portion of the community won’t be able to play seems to have made the issue worse.