Portland traveler commandeers airport monitor to play Apex Legends

So, you’re at an airport. You’ve already gotten a slice from the Sbarro’s. You’ve passed by the newsstand and snickered at the overpriced headphones. You’ve watched every YouTube video you can handle and your flight is two hours away. What do you do? One Portland traveler found a unique answer to the inquiry, plugging in his PS4 to a monitor and starting up a round of Apex Legends. This gaming legend would have gone unrecognized if not for @coyotetrips on Twitter passing by and snapping a picture.

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According to a local news report about the incident, operations at the airport surrounded this mystery man and kindly asked him to stop playing and unplug his console. The gamer was cordial about the situation and asked if he could finish his round, but he was denied.

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We know nothing more about the traveler, but we can only hope that he was able to find another unattended monitor in a faraway corner so he could recover from his unfortunate defeat and keep grinding the battle pass.