DrDisrespect says ‘I don’t give a f***’ about Valorant Twitch drops controversy

There’s been an official response to the DrDisrespect Valorant Twitch drops controversy. After being accused of deceiving viewers with the title of a recent Valorant stream, the two-time has chimed in with his official response.

“There’s a lot of people that were upset that I had ‘Drops enabled’ on my stream title last week and I should probably step up and be a man about the situation,” DrDisrespect began. “A lot of people were upset.”

“News outlets picked it up — Kotaku, GameStop,” he continued, “so, I would like to officially put out an official response: I don’t give a f***.”

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As the above statement shows, the DrDisrespect Valorant Twitch drops controversy refers to the title of his stream. While many streamers had Twitch drops enabled (which would allow lucky viewers to score a Valorant beta key), DrDisrespect did not. He did, however, have “drops” in his title, implying that they were active when they were in fact not.

This led to a complaint from content creator Travis Gafford which caused the Doc to respond in his typical brash style.

According to reports, DrDisrespect later removed “drops” from his title, although some people are annoyed that this particular streamer is being singled out. Several people have noted that there were dozens (if not hundreds) of other streamers playing the game with “drops” in their title that did not actually have drops enabled.

While this will all surely blow over, the man in question seems unperturbed by the DrDisrespect Valorant Twitch drops controversy.

“You’re looking at the best in the business, baby,” he concluded. “You think I give a f***?”