Dr Disrespect reveals he won’t be returning to Twitch, but could go to YouTube

Dr Disrespect has finally spoken out about his Twitch ban, confirming that he will not return to the platform while also hinting at his next move. The streamer has also claimed that he still does not know the reason behind his ban, and that he is considering taking legal action against the company as a result.

Guy Beahm, known for his brash online persona Dr Disrespect, was banned from Twitch last month with no explanation offered. The internet immediately began to speculate the cause of the ban, with rumors circulating that it was linked to Twitch’s crackdown on streamers accused of sexual abuse and harassment.

However, Dr Disrespect has denied this speculation, holding interviews with Washington Post and PC Gamer about the next steps he plans to take. This includes a potential move to a different platform such as YouTube or Facebook.

In the interviews, the streamer referred to the rumors surrounding his ban as “crazy speculation” that he was not interested in engaging with. He also confirmed that he would not be returning to Twitch, saying “that’s it” for his time on the platform.

He also said that fans should expect to see “Doc 3.0,” with him now looking to move to his next venture. As clarified to PC Gamer, this could mean a shift to a big platform such as YouTube or Facebook, though he has said that he isn’t interested in signing an exclusive deal.

Given Dr Disrespect’s potential pursuit of legal action against Twitch, it is still unknown why he was banned from the platform. Twitch has remained quiet on the matter, refusing to offer a clarification to viewers as to why the ban was put in place. For now, fans will just have to wait to see what the streamer has planned next.