New WandaVision episode 6 theories try to explain the madness

Friday means new WandaVision episode 6 theories are here. Those who haven’t watched the new episode on Disney+ should avoid the spoilers below, but for those who have, read on for the GameRevolution guide to “Is X alive or dead?”, “Who is in control?”, and more!

WandaVision Episode 6 Theories | Ending explained (Spoilers)

WandaVision Episode 6 Theories

Is Vision alive or dead?

Vision is alive within Westview.

At the end of episode 6, Vision attempts to leave the Westview dreamscape. After struggling against the “Hex” forcefield, he pushes himself out and falls down to the ground. Wanda expands the forcefield to once again include Vision, which will likely save him. However, now even more of the real world is covered in the Hex.

It seems Vision can’t survive outside of the Hex. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Wanda is so protective of the dreamscape, as it allows her to be with Vision again after suffering crippling loneliness.

Is Quicksilver alive or dead?

Quicksilver is alive in Westview.

The Evan Peters version of Quicksilver, who has been shifted across from the X-Men universe, is very much alive inside of Westview. Though Wanda saw an undead version of him, this was likely just a momentary hiccup where she was reminded of the Quicksilver who died in Age of Ultron.

In a moment of anger and panic, Wanda sends Quicksilver flying through the air. However, it’s unlikely to have harmed him in any way.

Who is the main villain?

The main villain of WandaVision is the S.W.O.R.D. boss, Tyler Hayward.

As of episode 6, Hayward has made it clear that he is trying to kill Wanda to try and stop the Hex and rescue the town captured within. However, Hayward has secrets hidden behind a firewall and has grown more hostile towards FBI agent Jimmy Woo, Monica, and Darcy.

Of course, Hayward could be a misdirection and the real enemy could still be Wanda or Agnes. Agnes has been a main suspect for many episodes. She has a name abbreviated from the Marvel witch “Agatha Harkness” and definitely appears suspicious. What’s more, in episode 6 she is wearing a witch costume. Though she initially appears under the spell of Wanda when Vision finds her, she quickly recovers and gives a cackle.

What will happen in WandaVision episode 7?

In WandaVision episode 7 the results of Wanda expanding the Hex will be shown. The dreamscape will have gotten larger and now include key character Darcy.

Viewers will probably also see more from Wicked and Speed as they grow older and become more superpowered and Vision will no doubt question Wanda again about what is going on.

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