WandaVision episode 10 release date and time

“When is the WandaVision episode 10 release date?” is a question that fans of the show are no doubt now asking. With episode 9 ending leaving many questions unanswered, viewers might be expecting another episode. Here’s the need-to-know on a WandaVision episode 10 release date and time, as well as what’s next for the show.

When is the WandaVision episode 10 release date?

WandaVision Episode 10 Release Date and Time

The WandaVision episode 10 release date and time would be March 12 at 3 AM ET/12 AM PT/8 AM GMT.

However, season 1 of the show ended with episode 9. The only way for there to be an episode 10 is with the first episode of a new season. At the time of writing, WandaVision season 2 hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Viewers may be expecting an episode 10 due to rumors surrounding a mind-blowing cameo appearance. There was talk in the community about Dr. Strange, Magneto, Reed Richards, or some other high-profile Marvel character appearing at the end, but this didn’t happen in episode 9. Unfortunately, there is no secret episode 10 where this cameo occurs.

Wandavision season 1 has nine episodes in total. Episode 1 is the beginning, and episode 9 is the finale. There is nothing more. For now, fans will just have to be content with how episode 9 ended, even if it didn’t have the Dr. Strange appearance or another major event that some had predicted.

The story of Wanda will no doubt continue into future movies and/or TV shows. The post-credits scenes of episode 9 hint at a new path for Wanda, as well as Monica who appears to be going into space.

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