Switch Pro reportedly coming later this year, OLED screen and 4K capability included

Switch owners have been using March 3 to reflect on the system’s anniversary, but it appears as though this day will also be used to look at the console’s future. The oft-rumored Switch Pro is indeed on the horizon, according to a new report. This machine, which is still unnamed, is said to run faster, have a bigger screen, and come out later this year.

When is the Switch Pro coming out?

switch pro features

Bloomberg reports that this so-called Switch Pro will enter production in July with a planned release for the fall. No more solid date was given, but it will probably be before Black Friday, given how most consoles tend to launch ahead of the retail-heavy holiday. Nintendo also wants to produce at least a million monthly units.

What are the Switch Pro specs?

According to the report, the Switch Pro will have a 7-inch, 720p Samsung (not Sharp) OLED screen. The current Switch and Switch Lite have 720p 6.2-inch LCD screens and 720p 5.5-inch LCD screens, respectively. This OLED screen should also suck up less battery and have a better contrast than the current batch of LCD displays. The Switch Pro will also output at 4K when connected to televisions, lessening the game between the Switch and other consoles.

The report did not contain any internal specs so it’s not possible to compare and contrast the current models with the upcoming one. However, it is likely a decent jump since it is ready to run games at 4K.

Given how the hardware isn’t coming out until the end of the year, Nintendo likely won’t announce this alleged upgrade for quite some time. The Switch is still selling incredibly well and was even the best-selling hardware in January 2021. The Switch Lite was announced two months before its release so the Pro might follow a similar, if slightly more condense, timeline.