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  • 11 bit studios

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  • 01/01/1970
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In This War of Mine, the focus is shifted away from military operations portrayed in most games. Instead, it is a dark survival game where players control a group of civilians trying to stay alive in a besieged city. During the day snipers outside stop you from leaving your refuge, offering players time to craft, trade, upgrade their shelter, feed and cure their people. At night they must scavenge nearby areas in search for food, medicines, weapons and other useful items.


This War of Mine Android Cheats

General Tips The most important time to be on your guard is at night, when the environment outside is most treacherous. You want to have your population well rested by that time, so [...]

  • Android
by Camden Jones
November 17th, 2015


This War of Mine Review


“Game” This War of Mine is a tough game to review, or at least, a tough game to rate. How do you rate a game that isn’t fun? And I don’t mean that as some…

by Gil Almogi
November 24th, 2014

This War of Mine Preview

What you see through a keyhole may change you. War has broken out and the military have shut off access to the town. Katia, Pavle, and Bruno, who kind of know each other, all hunker…
by Gil Almogi
October 13th, 2014

This War of Mine Preview

It's end of the world as we know it.   Sometimes the post-apocalypse isn't brought on by zombies or conquering aliens, but by the modern day. Civil war, as the Polish developers of This War…
by Nicholas Tan
September 1st, 2014