This War of Mine Adds DLC for Charity

This War of Mine is a survival game that examines themes of loss and war in a virtual space, but developer 11 bit studios hopes to address those issues in the real world with its latest DLC.

The War Child Charity DLC adds a series of street art pieces from artists around the world, including figures like M-City, SeaCreative, and Emir Cerimovic. Players can purchase the art for $0.99, $9.99, or $19.99, and all proceeds go to the War Child charity.

The aim of the War Child charity is help children who face violent conflicts and war in their everyday lives. According to the DLC's Steam page, 11 bit studios urges fans to not "give up on trying to make this world a better place."

The charity DLC is currently available for purchase, and prospective buyers of This War of Mine can read Gil Almogi's glowing review of the indie survival sim.

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