4 x 4 Evolution DreamCast Cheats

4 x 4 Evolution


Farm Road Free Money:

In the level Farm Road 109, under the train bridge in the water there

is treasure chest. Run over it and get free money.

Arctic Wasteland Free Money:

Pass checkpoint 2, but continue forward instead of staying with the track. Go

between two hangars and continue on across a small lake. Ahead of you will be

an American flag. At the base of this is another hangar. A money box is next

to the hangar.

Arizona Free Money:

Pass checkpoint 6 — it is easiest to do a 180 at the start line. Go over the

tracks over the mountains and find the little town that is out a bit.

Black Gold: Hidden Money:

Right after you go past checkpoint 6, keep following the trail. You will notice

a bridge once you go down the hill. Cross the bridge. To the right is a fenced

in area with a oil tanker truck in front of the entrance. This is immediately

before you go through checkpoint 7. The cash box is over to the right side of

the fenced in area.

Treasure Island Free Money:

Go by the old pirate ship and next to the ship there will be a treasure chest.Run

into it and you will get free money!

Secret Course:

To get a secret course go to the salvage wasteland. Do a 180 at the very beggining

and plow through a gate that is there. Keep going until you come upon a road

(it doesn’t matter what way you go on it). Then a dirt road will come. Follow

that. Then it will turn back into a paved road. Follow that and then there are

jumps (the secret course).

Offroad Etiquette:

To climb hills easily without spinning out and falling backwards hold the gas

button down about half way or a little more and your highly modified truck should

go right up the hill. If not do the same but turn the wheel a little to the


1 Million Dollars:

Start a race in career mode and type in goldfinger. If you entered it right

you will hear a sound then type in givememoneyordie if you entered it

right you will hear a sound one more time. Exit and you will have 1 million



Infinite Money

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