Capcom vs. SNK DreamCast Cheats

Capcom vs. SNK


Evil Ryu:

To play as Evil Ryu, you have to beat the game with Ryu two times, the first

time with the Capcom groove and the second time with the SNK Groove. After

this, go to the Secret Shop and you will see Evil Ryu, and he is worth 7,000


Orochi Iori:

To play as Orochi Iori, beat the game with Iori twice. The first time, beat

it with the Capcom Groove and then the second time with the SNK Groove.

After you do this, go to the sectret shop and you will see Orochi Iori,

and he is worth, 7,000 points.


Extra Points:

Stay in the training mode and every minute you will receive + 10 points.

Adjustable Ratios in Vs. Mode:

Defeat Akuma in arcade mode on the Capcom groove to unlock adjustable ratios

(secret 72) in the secret shop. It will cost 1,500 vs. points and unlock

the option in vs. mode.

Fight against Morrigan and Nakoruru:

To fight Morrigan and Nakoruru in arcade and pair match modes, unlock and

buy their “Shadows” in the secret shop. Morrigan’s “Shadow” is secret 63

and Nakoruru’s is secret 64. They will cost 700 vs. points each. To get

them to appear, you must not continue and have a GPS: 50,000 (groove points)

by the end of the third match (the third team you face). To fight Morrigan,

choose the Capcom groove. To fight Nakoruru, choose the SNK groove. Note:

The easiest way to fight them is to go to the game options and set the difficulty

to the lowest (easiest) setting, time to infinite, damage to the lowest

(minimum) setting, and change gauge to max.

Morrigan’s Stage:

Defeat Morrigan in arcade mode to unlock her stage (secret 67) in the secret

shop. Her stage will cost 1,200 vs. points.

Nakoruru’s Stage:

Defeat Nakoruru in arcade mode to unlock her stage (secret 68) in the secret

shop. Her stage will cost 1,200 vs. points.

EX (extra) Forms:

Beat the arcade mode with any character to unlock the character’s EX (extra)

form in the secret shop. To select a character’s EX form, enter the character-selection

screen. While picking your characters, hold Start to switch from the normal

to the EX character. Press A, B, X, or Y to choose that form.

Fight Gouki (Akuma):

Unlock Gouki’s “Shadow” secret 62 by beating the game, and then purchase it

in the secret shop for 500 versus points. Start a new game and acquire at

least 80,000 groove points before the final match to get him to appear.

Unlock Gouki’s (Akuma) Stage:

Beat Gouki in the arcade mode on the SNK groove to unlock secret 69. His stage

will cost 1,500 versus. points.

Unlock the Pair Match Mode:

Beat both Morrigan and Nakoruru in arcade mode to unlock the pair match mode,

secret 71. Pair match mode costs 1,800 versus points.


Thanks to Revolution readers 2CoolOdie, Rsayo, 666GIZMO666 and Steven Paris!