Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future DreamCast Cheats

Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future


Dolphin Soccer:

This secret can be found on the Powers of Levitation level. To play dolphin

soccer against a warring Clan member, swim to the large central building

underwater. Circle around it until you find the Information Shard. Enter

the central structure here and head down the tunnel until you find an oval

door near the bottom. This passage is split up by several weird organic

doors that dilate when you get near them, allowing you to pass. Ignore the

side paths for now, just head down the tunnel until you reach the chamber

at the end. There is a Clan member here and a bubbler in the center of the

room. If you turn and face the entrance, you’ll notice an oval section of

wall to the left moving slightly in the current. Swim through it to find

a secret room. Inside is a Stealth power-up. Grab it and head straight back.

There are a pair of yellow lights at the back of the room. Touch your nose

to the right one to be taken to Dolphin’s World Championship, a soccer match

between you and a fellow Clan member.


Swim to the bottom of the sea, and go back up as fast as you can, now jump

out of the water, and hold back on the joystick. Ecco does a flip! Hold

it longer if Ecco is higher in the air.

Jumping Dive

Do the same as the flip, but do not hold back, instead hold the joystick

forward and Ecco will do a dive into the water.

Underwater Flips:

While underwater, just hold the joystick forward or backward, and Ecco will

do flips underwater.

Fish Game:

In the first level, find the three dolphins. Ask the coach dolphin if you

can play the game. When you play, the object of the game is to watch what

fish the coach wants you to catch. But you better hurry, because you go

against two other quick dolphins.

Racing Game:

In the second level, find two dolphins that are together. They are playing

a racing game. Ask one of them if you can join in, and you will race around

the track they tell you.

Great White Shark Tip:

When you are going against the Great White Shark, when he gets stuck in

the hole, use your charge ability over and over without changing directions.

You will beat him alot faster that way.

GameShark Codes

Enable All Levels     5DD7BFF7FFFFFFFF


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