MagForce Racing DreamCast Cheats

MagForce Racing


Open New Stuff:

At the main menu, highlight the vehicle select and hold the X + Y buttons

simultaneously. While holding these press Up, Left, Down, Right, Right,

Up, Down, Right. You will hear a sound when the trick is entered correctly.

Now access the vehicle and track select options to see all the new tripods,

classes, and tracks at your disposal.

Power-ups are Triple Missiles:

Enter ‘missi’ as a code.

Power-ups are Turbo Rams:

Enter ‘turbo’ as a code.

Turbo Ram Auto-Pilot:

Enter ‘autom’ as a code.

Invisible Tripods:

Enter ‘ghost’ as a code.

CPU Controlled Bonus Tripods:

Enter ‘hund’ as a code.

Alternate Sound Effects:

Enter ‘retro’ as a code.

Debug Mode:

Enter ‘johnm’ as a code. All items and weapons will be named “Malkovich”.


Thanks to Revolution reader Mike Lemense!