Phantasy Star Online Walkthrough

Phantasy Star Online (Import)
Updated as of 12-29-00
English Mode Guide
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  I. Accessing the English Mode & Online Mode
 II. Controls
III. The Main Menu
 IV. Walkthrough
  V. Character Classes
VII. Hunter's Guild


I. Accessing the English Mode & Online Mode
A. English Mode
1. Select Options on the Title Screen
2. Select Languages
3. Select English if it is not highlighted already.
B. Online Mode
1. Requirements
- Must Register your Dreamcast 
- Must obtain and account
- You must have a registration code and serial number that came with the 
original import game
- You must register your Dreamcast using Dreampassport either from the 
Dreamcast or from the PC.
- Finally this isn't going to be free so be ready to chalk up some cash.
2. Methods
a) From PC
b) From Dreamcast Unit

(INC, More Later...)


II. Controls
(Start) - Brings up Main Menu
(Y) - Brings up virtual keyboard *Note if you have a keyboard, typing any key will trigger
      text chat. Press Y again to cancel the screen*
      Pressing (X) in this mode will bring up a Form menu
(X) - No effect
(B) - Cancel
(A) - Confirm


III. The Main Menu

[Item Pack] - Equip weapons or use items here.
[Equip] - Equip weapons and armor here.
[Items] - Use and sort items here.
[MAG] - Info about Mag. You can give items to your Mag.
[Area Map] - Area Map cannot be used here. *Dungeon Mode only*
[Quest Board] - Displays information about the Quests.
[Customize] - Customizes the Action Menu
[Heavy Attack] - A stronger attack, but with lower accuracy
[Attack] - A standard attack. Has high accuracy but low damage.
[Monomate] - A health recovery item. Restores 70 HP.
[Techniques] - Technique cannot be used here. (probably means I don't have any field techs)
(Type) *Note these are Hunter techs
[Simple Attack] - Foie, Barta, Zonde 
[Normal Attack] - Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde
[Hard Attack] - Rafoie, Rabarta, Razonde, Grants, Megid
[Heal] - Resta, Anti, Reverser
[Support] - Shifta, Deband, Jellen, Zalure, Ryuker
[Chat] - Assign Shortcut Keys or edit Symbol Chat icons here.
[Shortcut] - Assign and register ShortcutKeys here.
[Symbol Chat] - Edit and register Symbol Chat icons here.
[Guild Card] - Trade Guild Cards on the net here.
[Simple Mail] - Display simple mails and write responses here.
[Log Window] - Displays the Log Window.
[Options] - Change various configurations here.
[Map Direction]
[Key Config]
[Cursor Position]
[Message Speed]
[Jump Pack]
[Auto Disconnect]
[Quit Game] - Quit the game. The game will be saved automatically.


IV. Walkthrough

Principal's Office

After configuring your preferences you'll be talking to the Principal. He exlpains the 
situation at hand and your task. THe main objective here is to migrate to Ragol, as he 
says. The history of the Pioneer is also discussed here. After talking to everyone in
room, head south and exit the area.

*Note: If you talk to the 'blonde chick' (heh the woman to the right), she'll reveal
another task for you but this is a personal request from her. It seems the principal's
daughter was aboard the Pioneer 1 and you are to find out what happened to her. She 
also mentions a person by the name of Red Ring Rico who is a famous hunter and a top
scientist on the Pioneer 1 and says for you to look for this hunter as well.

Pioneer 2 - The City

P = Principal's Office
M = Medical Center
S = Shop Area
L = Luggage Area
T = Teleport Pad (To Ragol)

(Map) - INC not finished yet, still exploring the city

(Shop Area) - From left to right

[Trekker/Purple Booth] - identify any artifacts you may have found.
[Arms Shop/Orange Booth]
Saber +2942
Dagger +21911
Bind Dagger +12680
Handgun +1686
Wand +2278
Wand +2288
[Tools Shop/Green Booth]
Moon Atomizer350
Trap Vision100
Disk:Foie Lv.1600
Disk:Zonde Lv.1 600
Disk:Resta Lv.1800
Disk:Anti Lv.1600
[Guards Shop/Blue Booth]
Solid Frame6250
Giga Frame1822
Psy Armor1000
Core Shield1058
Brave Barrier3120


V. Character Classes

(Hunter) - HU
Description: Close Combat attacks. Wields swords/sabers powere by photons.
Races: HUmar (Human, Male), HUnewearl (Newman/Elf, Female), HUcast (Android, Male)

(Ranger) - RA
Description: Ranged attacks. Wields guns as well as other ranged weapons.
Races: RAmar (Human, Male), RAcast (Android, Male), RAcaseal (Android, Female)

(Force) - FO
Description: Magic/Tech based attacks. Wields canes/staffs.
Races: FOmarl (Human, Female), FOnewn (Newman/Elf, Male), FOnewearl (Newman/Elf, Female)



MAG is a little companion of yours that floats at your side. It comes with a variety of colors
such as purple (the color I got).  Basically this little dude can grow as you feed it items.

Item Effects

Monomate: Increases POW
Monofluid: Increases INT
Antiparalysis: Increases DEX and MIND

(more later)


VII. Hunter's Guild 

Like Phantasy Star IV, there are certain jobs a Hunter can accept in order to gain more Meseta
or EXP.  There are a couple of jobs available in the beginning of the game.

(List of Jobs)

Job: "Magnitude of Metal"
Description: A valuable commodity on Ragol was lost?!
Reward: 500 Meseta
Comments: After excepting the job talk to the guy who just appeared in the room. He'll brief 
you on your task. After that, head outside of the Hunter's Guild building and you should see
a cyborg/android. Talk to him and he'll reveal that one hunter is left behind in the Planet 
below. Head for the Teleport pad to go to Forest 1. Make your way through the dungeon while
collecting any items in the area. You will eventually come upon a female Android who will
join your party. This Android has a much higher level then you (Level 12 actually), her long
weapon will help you in the battles to come. However, don't think for a moment to depend on her
too much for she'll leave your party after you reclaim the MAG. Follow the rest path until you
eventually find the MAG and then you'll be teleported back to the Guild to claim your measily
500 Meseta.

Job: "Claiming a Stake"
Description: Find and bring back a greedy landlord!
Reward: 700 Meseta
Comments: Racton's father has gone to claim land on Ragol. According to Racton, his father is
roaming around somewhere on Ragol. After talking to him, talk to another Android in the room.
This android speaks of how self-centered Racton's father is. Next, head for the teleporter and 
make sure you have stocked up on Monomates before you return to Ragol. You'll find Racton's
father in a couple of screens north from your starting point. After finding him, agrees to go 
with you back to the Pioneer 2 if you find the three capsules on the prime land locations. 
Of course you can't refuse him so return to this point once you have gathered all three 
capsules. The first two capsules are pretty straightforward to find so I won't got into detail
as of where they are. The third and final capsules however will only appear once you have found
the first two. It's located in the same area as the Pioneer 2 teleporter. After acquiring all
three capsules, head back to where Racton's father is and enter the portal. This portal will
take you directly to the middle of the city on Pioneer 2.

Job: "Battle Training"
Description: Find a hunter who is working down on Ragol.
Reward: 500 Meseta
Comments: Zidd speaks of a young hunter named Ash who was to do some research on Ragol. 
Apparently Ash is supposed to be done with his task but unforunately hasn't returned yet.
Your task is to go to Ragol and find Ash and rescue him. Of course this isn't going to be
a solo mission so you're teamed up with a HUcast named Zireek (Level 36). Talk to Kireek then
go and talk to Zidd. Zidd goes into detail saying that the reason he needs two hunters is that
one hunter must retrieve the data disk Ash was supposed to get and the other is to protect Ash
and bring him back in case he is injured. After, buy any supplies you need and then head 
towards the teleporter. The maze is pretty straightforward, it's practically the same area
in the last mission. When you finally find Ash, you see that he's wounded. Head towards the 
middle of the area and get the Data Disk but no sooner you take it the enemy ambushes you. Of
course they don't stand a chance with Kireek on your party. After, talk to Ash then talk to 
Zireek. From that point, he'll leave your party. Now head back to the Pioneer 2 on the circle
light in the area. You'll be teleported back to the Pioneer 2 and then head for the Guild to
claim your reward. 

*Note the next list of jobs will appear only when you complete the first three. Before going
on, I recommend you explore some more of Ragol's Forest 2 area as the following may take place
there. You might also consider buying stronger weapons like Saber +1. You should also by now 
have Barta and Foi techs enabled (if you can use techs that is).

Job: "Journalistic Pursuit"
Description: A journalist went to go down to Ragol.
Reward: 1200 Meseta
Comments: Nol Rinale, a journalist wants to visit Ragol (wow what a hot chick =D!!!). She
apparenty is a news reporter for the Pioneer 2. Your job is to take her down to Ragol and 
protect her while going through Ragol. First, she wants to go check out Central Dome so that's
going to be your first destination. Her level is quite low too (Level 5). Head for the 
teleporter. Make your way through Forest 1 of Ragol then onto Forest 2. In this area you'll
encounter a horde of monsters. Stay close to Nol and fight your way through. You'll eventually 
come upon a computer but the bridge is lowered. Find the switch to activiate the bridge and 
access the computer. After that, Nol says the mission is over so enter the portal back to the
Pioneer 2 and claim your reward. By now you should have a lot of Meseta and your level should 
be around 7 or so. Upgrade your equipment as needed. Dim Saber +3 would be a good choice if
you're a HUmar. Also armor such as Psy Armor or the Core Shield would do you good.

Job: "The Fake in the Yellow"
Description: What is the biologist on Ragol doing?
Reward: 800 Meseta
Comments: Dr. Guis, a biologist is missing. He was last seen on Ragol, find him. After talking
to the assistant, speak with the two other people in the room. Before you head for the
teleporter, speak anyone on the street that you may have not seen before. You'll find one of
your old acquintances near the Teleport Pad to the Principal's Office. Also speak the other
person beside her. Head for the teleporter to Ragol's Forest 1 area. Upon teleporting, you'll 
interact with one of the local monsters (Rag Rappy) there. Make your way through the area
and eventually you'll find the same Rappy again among with his other friends. You'll finally
discover the Rag Rappy you've been chasing with in fact Dr. Guis in disguise. After talking 
with him enter the circle of light and return to the Guild. 
*Note: You can buy an Ice Handgun at the Arms Shop if you can equip it.

Job: "Native Research"
Description: Collect data on the native animals.
Reward: 2500 Meseta
Comments: Alicia Baz, an assistant at a laboratory needs biological data on Ragol's native
animals. Your job is to collect the data of five different animals (by defeating them of
course with the specified weapon). She also tells you that the storage system only works for
20 minutes. The first biological sample is in Forest 1 and the others are in Forest 2. While
in these areas, ignore the treasure chests as time is of the essence. When you're done, head
back to the Guild. After completing this job another job entitled, "Forest of Sorrow" will 
appear. Think of this as a continuation from this job.

Job: "Forest of Sorrow"
Description: The data from the capsules is unusual...
Reward: 1500 Meseta
Comments: Once again you are greeted by Alicia Baz. She wants you to go to Ragol with her. She 
joins your party as a Force. Her stats as pretty good (Level 10). Head for the teleporter. The
place Alicia wants to go is Central Dome --- the very same area Nol found the Computer. Alicia
also mentions about the transport that takes you directly to the Dome (apparently the one she's
referring to is the teleport pad to Forest 2). You'll also encounter a young animal, so talk to
it and then it'll disappear. As you venture forth, Alicia will mention about the data you
collect being accurate and in fact it seems the DNA was altered in the monsters (hmmm can 
anyone say PS4 all over again?). After endless battles, you'll eventually find the creature
and this time Alicia asks you to go back to the Guild so she can research on why the animals 
turned out this way.

Job: "Gran Squall"
Description: Gran Squall, a pleasure boat departed before the explosion. Find the survivors.
Reward: 1000 Meseta
Comments: Apparently the Gran Squall departed before the explosion incident so the ship is
most likely marooned on Ragol. You may encounter other Hunters there but you are told not
to interact with them as rumors may spread. Stock up on any supplies you may need and head
for the teleporter. Well, I tried to get by not to talk to any of the other Hunters but then
you can't seem to progress forward so you might as well enlist some other hunters to join you.
Bernie (Level 16) is one of the hunters close to your starting point. Talk to him and choose 
'yes'. He'll join your party. Now proceed to the Pink Door that was damaged before. Bernie will
then fix the door so you can go through. As you fight on, Bernie reveals his thoughts on the 

"The true meaning of this quest is different from what it appears. The Gran Squall crashed on
Ragol. That's true. But it's not a pleasure boat.  The Gran Squall's a secret military ship. I
don't know what its purpose was. Anyway, it crashed on Ragol. I confirmed it with my source
who's working on another quest with me. My source says there must be a survivor. My true quest
is camouflaged by the travel agency's quest."

Continue through the area collecting any items that you find. Later, Bernie will tell you to 
head for the Forest 2 teleport pad. Get on it and continue through the area. After awhile, 
Bernie will reveal to you that he's looking for a lady that has a data chip implanted inside
of her. If you're close enough you'll be able to detect her with the device Bernie gives you.
Soon you'll find another teleport pad and Bernie will say that the signal is coming from there.
Step onto the pad and continue onward. You'll finally find the girl you're looking for and 
Bernie tells you to go back to the Guild. Step on the circle of light and head toward the

(Now that you've completed all the jobs so far, head back to the same area where you found the
girl and explore a bit. Make sure you examine everything there, especially the huge teleport
pad that asks who to join your party.)

Boss Battle: Dragon (Fire Based)
Strategy: Not much, just make sure you have Barta magic on your shortcut. One shot of that will
freeze the baddie and he'll go bye bye. Collect the chests and then teleport out. 

Now head to the Principal's Office and report to him on the current situation. There's some
talk about the motives of the monsters on Ragol that they were probably protecting their
territory from the suriviors of Pioneer 1. Now head back to the Guild and couple new jobs
will be available.

*Note: These will appear once the Dragon has been defeated and after you've reported it to
the Principal.

Job: "The Value of Money"
Description: Gizel's wife wants her husband to stop wasting money. She complains that he's 
buying too many weapons.
Reward: 300 Meseta
Comments: N/A

Job: "Addicting Food"
Description: Trekka was to eat something sweet...
Reward: 1500 Meseta
Comments: N/A

Job: "The Lost Bride"
Description: Cicil (Force) says he's too fat for his fiance. So he wants to go on a diet...
Reward: 2500 Meseta
Comments: N/A

Job: "Secret Delivery"
Description: Simons wants a package dropped off on Ragol, underground.
Reward: 4500 Meseta
Comments: N/A

Job: "The Grave's Butler"
Description: Martha Grave's butler, Blant has gone missing. 
Reward: 3500 Meseta
Comments: N/A

Job: "Download Quest"
Description: Download Quest
Reward: N/A
Comments: N/A


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