Power Stone 2 DreamCast Cheats

Power Stone 2


Fight as Pride:

Beat basic mode with seven different characters.

Fight as Mel:

Beat basic mode with eight different characters. She is the girl from the

shop mode and has a similar fighting style to Julia.

Fight as Character In Transformed Body:

Go to Power Stone collections. Turn to the third page and hold select. Simply

press X, Y, Y, B, A, X, Left, Right and up. When your done go to the character

select screen in any fighting mode. Now when you play with any character

it’s body will be transformed throughout the whole game.

All Weapons:

Play the game as Jack or Wangtang in the level with the rolling rock. When

the floor breaks you will be chased. If you’re Jack during the escape, jump

twice and land in the first hole you see. Quickly press X, X, Y, B, A. You

will here Jack laugh if you get this right. If you’re Wangtang jump once

and land in the second hole you see. Quickly press Y, Y, B, X, A.You will

hear Wangtang talk if you get it right. When one of these is entered right

you’ll get all weapons.

Extra Arenas:

Beat basic mode with all characters, including Mel and Pride to unlock three

new arenas exclusive to original mode. To access them, move the pointer

left or right at the arena selection screen until it is off-screen. A large

box with the “Extra Arena” message will appear. Select the desired extra

arena. The arenas are a small room, a very narrow bridge over along drop,

and geometric (cubes stacked in weird patterns) arena.

Unlocking the Options in the Extra Option Menu:

Every time basic mode is cleared with a different character a new option

will be unlocked, until the extra option menu is full.

100,000 Credits for Shop Mode:

If during the course of the game you manage to pick up item #103, which

resembles a red turban, sell it for 100,000 credits in shop mode. This item

seems to appear randomly.

Infinite Money:

Go to Extra options. Before you do this check to see if you beat the game

with two people. If you have go to Extra Options and press Select twice.

A white screen will appear. Quickly press Y, B, B, B, A, Y. You will now

return to the main menu. Go down to Power Stone Collections and you will

see Infinite Money in yellow writing. Tturn it on by pressing the right

button on the control Pad. Now when you beat the levels in any stage you

can buy anything.

Magical Sword:

Not really a cheat, but in the Japanese Castle level, in the end with the

giant gong, in the left corner, with the sword rack if you use the flamethrower

on it a magical sword will apper, though I am not sure what it does, there

is some blue lights flashing around you.

Practice Against Boss:

Beat basic mode with all charachters including Mel and Pride. Then go to

original mode and have two people battle. When you get to the stage selection

screen there should be two extra stages with the boss in the picture. You

can practice againt the bosses.


In order for this code to work first go to Original Mode and pick two Players

but there have to be more than two people playing in Original mode. You

should notice that everyone has a different color 1st Player is Red 2nd

Player is Yellow. Now turn Player two’s color Red and pick your Fighter.

For Example: Wangtang and Ryoma when the fight starts go to WangTang as

if you want to Pick him up and Ryoma will jump off of him and drop kick

the other person you are fighting if he catches them he will Stab them with

his Katana about 10 times. This trick is also a good way to take Gems from

a person who just got there Super.

Full Pause Screen:

Pause game play, then press X + Y.

Cool Weapon Combinations:

Flame Thrower Flame element + gun
Fire bottle   Oil + flame element
5-way Shotgun 3-way shotgun + drivers licence
Moped         Skateboard + drivers license 
Medus         Deluxe Shield + Plaster
Morning Star  (its a ball on chain) - legweight + gigantic hammer
Fork          Spoon + Trident
Magicmallet   pickaxe + toyhammer
Beam Gun      ray gun + machinegun
Homing Missle 3 way shotgun + firecracker
Thumbtack     legweight + metallic bat
Panther       kitten + legtrap
Arm Gun       PowerfulBuster + Medusa (+affectinate essence for higher chance of mix to work)
Gigantic Hammer Magicmallet + Iron
Firedragon    F.Dragon element (can be bought for 500,000 gold in shop)+ flame element (+affectionate essence)
IceDragon     IceDragon element + ice element (+affectionate essence)
ThunderDragon T.Dragon Element + Light Element (+affectionate card)

In adventure mode on the flying airship level, once you have skydived, where the waterfall is you will see that loads of cards drop from there. This is the ideal spot to pick up cards for free!!!

Gameshark Codes

Infinite Cash:

Enable All Items:

Inf. All Items:

Enable All Materials/Essences:

Inf. All Materials/Essences:

Enable All Text:


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