Power Stone DreamCast Cheats

Power Stone


Play as Kraken:

Beat the game with all eight characters to unlock Kraken.

Play as Valgas:

Beat the game with Kraken to unlock Valgas.

Play as Final Valgas:

Beat the game with Valgas on difficulty level 8. Enter page 12 of the Power

Stone Collection to see Final Valgas. Final Valgas may only be selected in Vs.

mode, by only one player per match.

Extra Options:

Beat Arcade mode with any character on any difficulty level.

Virtua Battle Mode:

Unlock Valgas as a playable character. Virtua Battle Mode will now be available

on page 5 in the Power Stone Collection.

Dual Virtua Battle Mode:

Beat the game with Valgas to unlock this mode on page 6 in the Power Stone Collection.

Bonus items:

Beat the game using four characters to unlock a shield, heavy chain gun, ray

gun, and extending pole.

Scrap book:

Accumulate 1000 or more coins in the VMS mini-games to unlock a scrap book option

on page 13 in the Power Stone Collection.

Sound test:

Accumulate 2000 or more coins in the VMS mini-games to unlock a sound test option

on page 25 in the Power Stone Collection.

See ending sequences:

Beat the game to access page 14 in the Power Stone Collection..

Change victory view:

At the end of a match, press the D-pad or Analog-stick to change the viewing

angle and press A to move the camera in, release A to move the camera out.

Last Boss:

To beat the last boss just go under his right leg where he can’t hit you.

GameShark Codes

P1 Play As Final Valgas 5DD76E930000000A
P1 Play As Kraken     5DD76E930000000C
P1 Play As Valgas     a610ee2200000009
Infinite Power Up Energy P1
No Power Up Energy P1 28277AE600000000
50% Power Up Energy P1
Infinite Power Up Energy P2
No Power Up Energy P2 9A68133100000000
50% Power Up Energy P2
Have No Stones P2     A543485700000000

Have All Stones P2    A543485700000707

Infinite Health P1    E8070137000000F0

Low Health P1         E8040137C070503F

50% Health P1         E8040137C070503F

Low Health P2         7E26CAC4C070503F

Infinite Health P2    7E25CAC4000000F0

50% Health P2         7E26CAC4C070503F

Have All Stones P1    36813DE400000707

Have No Stones P1     36813DE400000000

Thanks to Revolution readers Kevin and Stuart Tosney!