Quake III Arena,Quake III: Arena DreamCast Cheats

Quake III Arena


Unlock Cheats:

During single player beat the missions on various difficulties to unlock

cheats in multiplayer, in the setup options. While playing multiplayer,

just hit pause, scroll to find cheats. (this is the screen that says choose

team and send orders on multiplayer).

The Console:

First you have to enter a multiplayer match.When the match starts hit either

the F12 Key or the ~ key. This will bring up the console. Then you type

in: ;raster 1 This will allow you to bring up the console anywhere

in the game except when you are in Multiplayer Games.Also you can look at

any command starting with any letter by typing in a letter and hitting the

tab button, on the console screen. Now this will also allow you to pick

a map, in multiplayer with human players. This works offline only. At the

Map, Time, and frag selection screen, bring up the console and type ;map

Where the ## is the number of the map. 01-24.

No Textures:

For this cheat to work you need a keyboard. Press the ‘¬’ or ‘F12’ key to

bring up the console then type:

;r_lightmap 200. This disables all the textures on the map. To put the textures

back on the level just go into console by pressing ‘¬’ or ‘F12’ and type:

;r_lightmap 0

Different Crosshairs:

For this cheat to work you need a keyboard. Press the ‘¬’ or ‘F12’ key to

bring up the console then type:

;crosshair0 # in place of ‘#’ relpace with these numbers:

0+13 – no crosshair

1-10 – default crosshairs

11-23 – weapon sprites, level sprites and random symbols

24–> – Thousands of black boxs with white boarders and black boxs with no

boarders and shapes in the middle.

GameShark Codes

Inf. Time (1 Player)
Inf. Machinegun Ammo (1 Player)
Inf. Shotgun Ammo (1 Player)
Inf. Rocket Launcher Ammo (1 Player)
Inf. Plasma Gun Ammo (1 Player)
Max Accuracy (1 Player)
Max Impressive (1 Player)
Max Excellent (1 Player)
Max Gauntlet (1 Player)
Max Frags (1 Player)
Max Perfect (1 Player)


Thanks to Revolution readers Kyle Green, John ‘Worm87’ Hinchcliffe and

Jose Cruz Villanueva!