Resident Evil: Code Veronica DreamCast Cheats

Resident Evil: Code Veronica


First person view:

Beat the game under the easy or normal difficulty setting and save the game.

Battle mode:

Beat the game under any difficulty setting and save the game. A battle mode option will be unlocked at the main menu.

Battle mode in First Person View:

Unlock battle mode and collect the sniper rifle that Alfred Ashford drops in disc 2.

Infinite Shotgun Shells:

In the room with the model of the facility and the two paintings of the british captain, go down the ladder then go right back up. When you get back up the ladder the shotgun shells will be sitting behind the pedestal. Exit the door, and then go right back in the door and down the ladder. Go back up the ladder, and the shotgun shells are there again! Continue doing this until you have as many shells as your little heart desires.

Get the Rocket Launcher:

Beat the main game of Code Veronica with an "S" Ranking to earn the Rocket Launcher. To do this, you must not use First Aid Spray, not save your game or press retry, At the start of the game, you must also give Carlos the Hemestat. You must also quickly save Steve from the Luger room when he takes the golden guns in disc 1, and finish in under 5 hours. Then, when you begin another game, the Launcher will be available from the first Item Box you run across.

Get Linear Launcher in the Battle Game:

Once you have the two Claires, Steve, Chris and Wesker. You now have a chance to gain the Linear Launcher. All you have to do is get an A ranking with each character in the battle game. After you have done that; the Linear Launcher appears in your characters inventory. Enjoy!

Play as Steve Burnside in Battle Mode:

Grab the gold Lugers from the basement office on Disc 2. The correct combination is red, green, blue, and then brown. Also, if you do well as Chris in Battle Mode you will unlock Steve Burnside.

Play as Albert Wesker in Battle Mode:

Beat the Battle Mode as Chris.

Play as Alternate Chris:

Beat the battle Mode as Albert Wesker.

Play as Hunk in Battle Mode:

Beat the game within 3 hours and 30 minutes or less, earn an "S" ranking, and collect all of the files. The game will confirm this after the rankings.

Bonus Actions:

In the battle game, each character has a bonus action. When you are the second Claire, walk slowly, and she will react to the cold weather, and shake. While playing as Steve, when encountering the pop machine, press X, and he isn't too happy about not having change for a soda. When you are Chris, encounter a mirror, and wait. He will groom himself. When you are Wesker, encounter the body model, and he will take a gander at it. These are just some bonus actions during the battle game.


Zombie Tip:

Equip the combat knife, and when a zombie comes near you, aim for their knees. They will fall down immediately and it saves ammo too.

Tyrant Tip:

As you fight the tyrant in the plane, immediately shoot 30 gun powder arrows, and press the blue button. He will fly right out the back of the plane without you even having a scratch.

Easier Tyrant Tip:

Simply save the three Bio Organinc Gas Rounds you find in the prison area, and use them in the Cargo Plane. You can fire them all in three seconds, then push the catapult switch, and the Tyrant wont even get near you.

Wesker Tip:

While you are Wesker in the battle game, here is a tip to avoid zombies. When you are in the room with the stairs, and the zombies are coming up, stand by the top of the stairs and swipe your knife constantly, and the zombies will fly back and it will be easier to get out of the room.

GameShark Codes

Plant Pot Always In Crate 6D9BA516007E0001
M - 100P Always In Crate  BF36F4DA008E03E7
Infinite Health           DE488CD6000000A0
Save Counter Always 0     913804AF00000000
Low Timer                 BF36F4DB000005C3
Shoulda' Gone Before We Left
Running In Place          FDB9998C00000004
Glide                     FDB9998C0000000B
Dancin' Like A Dork       FDB9998C00000014
Crystal Always In Crate   3081EA1000790001
Turntable Key Always In Crate
Chem. Storage Key Always In Crate
Clement a Always In Crate EEB7D6C300620001
Clement E Always In Crate 2E27AD1200630001
Tank Object Always In Crate
Security Card Always In Crate
Hemostatic Always In Crate
Alexia's Choker Always In Crate
Alexia's Jewel Always In Crate
Queen Ant Relief Always In Crate
King Ant Relief Always In Crate
Red Jewel Always In Crate FFD958D1006F0001
Blue Jewel Always In Crate3031EA1000700001
Socket Always In Crate    8423435700710001
Square Valve Handle Always In Crate
Serum Always In Crate     1914D8C600730001

Earthenware Vase Always In Crate
Paperweight Always In Crate
Silver Dragonfly Always In Crate
ID Card Always In Crate   5F07B90000490001
Airport Key Always In Crate
Emblem Card Always In Crate
Skeleton Picture Always In Crate
Music Box Plate Always In Crate
Album Always In Crate     C82B29AF00500001
Halberd Always In Crate   F96958D100510001
Extinguisher Always In Crate
Padlock Key Always In Crate
TG - 01 Always In Crate   9058C4A000550001
Valve Handle Always In Crate
Octa Valve Handle Always In Crate
Machine Room Key Always In Crate
Mining Room Key Always In Crate
Bar Code Sticker Always In Crate
Air Force Proof Always In Crate
Sterile Room Key Always In Crate
Door Knob Always In Crate 77051D55005D0001
Battery Pack Always In Crate
Alfred's Jewel Always In Crate
Lockpick Always In Crate  8333435700320001
Glass Eye Always In Crate D6384D8800330001
Piano Roll Always In Crate1E04D8C600340001
Steering Wheel Always In Crate
Crane Key Always In Crate 96E8C4A000360001
Eagle Plate Always In Crate
Side Pack Always In Crate 3791EA1000390001
Queen Ant Object Always In Crate
King Ant Object Always In Crate
Biohazard Card Always In Crate
Detonator Always In Crate 29C7AD1200400001
Control Lever Always In Crate
Gold Dragonfly Always In Crate
Silver Key Always In CrateF9B958D100430001
Gold Key Always In Crate  470AD19E00440001
Army Proof Always In Crate9718C4A000450001
Alfred's Ring Always In Crate
Navy Proof Always In CrateC89B29AF00460001
Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Claire
Rocket Launcher Always In Crate
Assault Rifle Always In Crate
Sniper Rifle Always In Crate
Shotgun Always In Crate   3431EA10000403E7
Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Claire
Grenade Launcher Always In Crate
Custom Handgun Always In Crate
Linear Launcher Always In Crate
Acid Rounds Always In Crate

45EAD19E001003E7 Flame Rounds Always In Crate 95F8C4A0001103E7 First Aid Spray Always In Crate D5884D88001403E7 Ink Ribbons Always In Crate 3481EA10001F03E7 Magnum Always In Crate 699BA516002003E7 Gold Lugers Always In Crate BB36F4DA002103E7 Submachine Gun Always In Crate D6484D88002203E7 Gas Mask Always In Crate 3741EA1000270001 Alexander's Pierce Always In Crate 6A5BA516002B0001 Alexander's Jewel Always In Crate B8F6F4DA002C0001 999 Any Item (Place Item In Last Position In Crate) F3A998D0000003E7 Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Claire E73716C3000003E7 Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Claire 27A76D12000003E7 Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Claire 7EF5DD55000003E7 Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Claire A7D35FC6000003E7 Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Claire F71998D1000003E7 Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Claire 38F12A10000003E7


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