Sega GT DreamCast Cheats

Sega GT


WSK Races:

Beat each of the official races and event races to open the first ending

sequence and WSK Races. The WSK Races are the Front Drive Car Cup, Rear

Drive Car Cup and 4 Wheel Drive Car Cup.


Easy Money:

Note: This trick requires two VMUs. Save the game on both VMUs. Send the

cars your acquired from one VMU to the other VMU. Load the game from the

VMU with the extra cars. Sell the extra cars for easy money.

A Viper or Big Money:

Go into champion mode.. Then in your garage pick an Sa class car. Then go

to race, and pick the option thats called Large. When you enter go to the

fourth race, which is the last option, win the race and you will get a Dodge

Viper that you can sell. If you sell it, you will get an easy 80,000 dollars

plus the prize money from the race.


Thanks to Revolution readers Joe Mama and Aaron!