Typing of The Dead DreamCast Cheats

Typing of The Dead


Unlock Vs. Computer Mode:

Type in PERKINS at the Password entry screen.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health

eb1f159400000003 Infinite health-(Player 2)

4dd212d600000003 Infinite Credits

6f8b665e0000009 Golden Hands(Original Mode)

614b665e00000012 M.Cocktail(Original Mode)

a3135c8e00000013 Pian Killer(Original Mode)

3c31295800000015 Sulfuric Acid(Original Mode)

F3d99b9900000014 Zombie Mode

c49baaf500000040] Invisible Mode

4b3e52c4000000ff Big Heads

c49baaf5000000F2 Silencer Mode



Thanks to Revolution readers Erik Walker and Johnny "The Mad Typer"