Virtual On DreamCast Cheats

Virtual On


Fight as AJIM:

Beat AJIM in single player and save the game. Set the internal Dreamcast

date to April 29, 2000. Restart the game, and highlight the Random box

at the character selection screen. Press Left Turbo + Right Turbo to fight

as AJIM.

Unlock “ARCADE [M.S.B.S.VER.5.2]” Mode:

Beat “DREAMCAST [M.S.B.S.VER.5.45]” mode with each of the original 11

characters to unlock “ARCADE [M.S.B.S.VER.5.2]” mode.

Secret Ending Sequence:

Enable VOOT Version 5.2, then beat the game using no continues with any

character and play mode.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Armor P2    C3F3D22A000004B0
No Armor P2          C3F3D22A00000000
No Armor P1          8343B8D700000000
Infinite Armor P1    8343B8D7000004B0



Special thanks to Revolution reader AC!