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Metroid Prime: Hunters DS Cheats

Go inside walls glitch: 

First go on multi-player wi-fi or local in the combat hall arena then go in to the tunnel on the ground floor and in the furthest corner from the blocking wall charge up your missiles and look at the ground where the line on the floor is. While running backwards fire your missile then u will go into the wall and are able to shoot anyone you like and not get shot yourself.

Hide in rock glitch:

On multi-player choose spire as your hunter than go to the alino gateway arena. Where the imperialist weapon pickup is go down to where the big rock and the stand is. Go on the lava (because spire is not affected by lava) and in the small gap is as normal moder then go into alt-form and you will be in the rock and be able to shoot anyone you please

Unlocking other Hunters:

Play a multiplayer game with someone who has Hunters you don't, and you'll unlock them in your game.

Special Hunter's License:

Finish the game with all the scans to get a special license.

Gorea 2:

During the normal battle with Gorea, jump to the outer ring of the room where the six colored symbols are. They each need to be shot with a different weapon in a specific order.

1. Yellow = Volt Driver

2. Green = Battle Hammer

3. Orange = Magmaul

4. Blue = Shock Coil

5. Purple = Judicator

6. Red = Imperialist

Now, when you finish the fight with Gorea, you'll be transported to the REAL last fight of the game. Good luck!

Unlocking Arenas: Complete the tasks below to unlock the corresponding arena.

Play 2 local gamesSanctorus
Play 4 local gamesCompression Chamber
Play 6 local gamesIncubation Vault
Play 8 local gamesSubterranean
Play 10 local gamesOuter Reach
Play 12 local gamesHarvester
Play 14 local gamesWeapons Complex
Play 16 local gamesCouncil Chamber
Play 18 local gamesElder Passage
Play 20 local gamesFuel Stack
Play 22 local gamesFault Line
Play 40 local or 1 WiFi gameStasis Bunker
Finish a four-player matchHead Shot
Beat Gorea 2Oubliette

Demo version cheats:

View Trailer::

Get at least 5th place in Regulator, Morph Ball, and Training areas (single player). You'll be prompted to watch the trailer. You can then watch it anytime from the Main Menu by selecting the flashing dot in the lower left corner.

Jump Higher with Morph Ball:

From Morph Ball mode, remain perfectly still. Set all your bombs. When they explode, immediately go back to normal mode. You should go much higher.

Super Missiles:

Collect as many weapon energies as possible. Then obtain a missile. Hold fire when you select the missiles. You should then be charging the missiles.

Rapid Fire with Powerbeam:

Select Stylus control type. Then enter Regulator or Survivor training mode. Use the L and R buttons alternately to fire quickly, or L + R to fire two shots at once.

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