Tiger Woods PGA Tour DS Cheats

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Nintendo DS

Auto Hole-In-One:

Playing any par 5 hole, just about face and use the boost to shoot a ball into the space behind you. You'll be penalized with an Out of Bounds, but you'll score a Hole-In-One.

Easy Cash:

Playing the first round of any tournament or event, save your game on the 18th hole where you will get the End Game screen along with the prize money. Then return to Legend Tour, continue your game, and complete the event to get the prize for that event also.

Earn the cash values to unlock the following:

$1,000,000Emerald Dragon
$1,500,000Greek Isles
$2,000,000Paradise Cover
$5,000,000EA Sports Favorites
$15,000,000Fantasy Specials

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