Pokemon Blue/Red GameBoy Cheats


Pokemon Blue/Red

Game Boy

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Blue version Pokemon:

The following are only found in Pokemon Blue.







Red version Pokemon:

The following are only found in Pokemon Red.







Missingno/Infinite items:

Put the item you want to duplicate in the 6th slot in the menu. Then go to Viridian City and talk to the guy who shows you how to catch a weedle. Now go to Fuchsia city and surf to Cinnebar Island. Swim around the east coast beach until you find a Pokemon called 'M' or 'Missingno'. Now kill him or run away, but DO NOT CATCH HIM. After that, you should have 99 of your 6th item! Catching Missingno can screw up your game.

Level 100 Pokemon with Ultimate Stats:

Ok, go to viridian city and talk to the guy who tells you how to catch pokemon. Immediatly after that, fly to cinnabar island and put rare candy in your sixth item slot. Surf up and down the far right coast. You will encounter missingno don't catch him! Either kill him or run. Once you do this you will have about 150 rare candies but will listed as an odd symbol. To get their stats to the top; use the same trick, but put protein, pp up, hp up, carbos etc. in the sixth item slot.

Get Pokemon over level 100:

Talk to the man that teaches you how to catch Pokemon ask him to teach you. Go to Cinnabar Island and Surf up and down the part that's half land and half water. Hopefully you have cloned the Master ball. You will probably find a level 149 Snorlax,1 43 Starmie, or level 148 Nidorino. You can use rare candies on them to get them stronger. Be Patient it doesn't always work!

Catch Safari zone Pokemon outside Safari zone:

First go to the Safari zone in Fuschia City. Run away from every Pokemon you encounter until time runs out. Now Fly up to Cinnabar Island and surf up and down the coast. On the right hand side (where it is half-land, half-water) you will find all the Safari zone Pokemon you ran away from.

Cheaper Potions:

Walk, or Fly back to Celadon City. Go to the vending machines on top of the markets & buy fresh water. It's only for 200Y, but it can restore a pokemons HP by 50 HP not like a potion which costs 300Y.

Clone Pokemon:

Hook up with a game link cable to another Game Boy. Make sure one person can trade a useless Pokemon he or she doesn't care about. Trade them, and make sure the player receiving the useless Pokemon can see the other player's screen. When the Game Boy that receives the good Pokemon's displays "Waiting," turn off the Game Boy that is receiving the useless Pokemon. When the "Trade completed" message appears, turn off the other Game Boy. Both games will have the same good Pokemon when they are turned back on.

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Secret Coins in Rocket's Game Corner:

If you need some coins for the slot machines at the game corner, but don't want to pay that $1000 ripoff? Just roam around the floor of the area around the slot machines and the shelves while repeatedly pressing A. You will find coins on the ground, but they don't reappear later, so you can't leave and enter again hoping for coins.

Get to the Huge Field Near Palad Town:

Get 20 max repels and enter the powerplant (where you would have got Zapdos). Fight a voltorb and kill him. When youre finished, you have 2 minutes to find a rock that blinks.When you do strength on it, it moves and then you go through the gap, you will end up in the meadow that is near Palad town. There you can catch nearly all the pokemon there.

Get Sapasaur Charcolt and Rainer:

Give Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastois the Mist Stone.

Rare Candy:

There is a secret rare candy behind a house in Cereliun City. The house is in the top left hand corner. Use the itemfinder.

Go To Johto:

In order to be able to go to Johto in Red/Blue version, when you get HM01 go to a trainer and lose on purpose (you will lose half of your money but its worth it). Next teach a level 100 Machamp strength and put it with your team of 6 (or 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). Then get all 151 pokemon. Go to the S.S. Anne but do NOT go inside along the short path, go to the left and walk around to the truck. Go to the front of it and push it there will be a hole do NOT go in it. First go back around to Vermillion City, and deposit all of your items. Now go to the hole and jump in (do NOT deposit your items before you push the truck). Now jump in the hole. You will be in JOHTO.

Infinite Cash:

Find a Nugget and place it into your sixth item slot. Go to viridian city and talk to the guy who tells you how to catch a Weedle. Immediatly after that, fly to cinnabar island Surf up and down the far right coast. You will encounter a pokemon called missingno, whatever you do don't catch him! He can mess up your game boy. Either kill him or run. Now you will have 99 Nuggets. When you sell a Nugget in a mart you get 5000 for one. Go to a mart and sell all 99 for a bundle of cash.

GameShark Codes

Capture Any Pokemon (This is only for Pokemon Blue) *Note: Input the right 2 didit code to 
access the right pokemon.
xx =

*Note: These codes are for Pokemon Red & Blue unless stated otherwise.

Fight Prof. Oak!(red)  01E2D8CF
Have Mew (red)         0115d8eC
Protect Status(red)    010018d0
Gives you hm06(red)    01a27ccf
ElectaBuzz (red)       0135d8cf

Bring SS Anne Back(red)01001208
Level 99 Pokemon(red)  016327d1
Fight Mew in every battle(red)
Rarecandy in 1st position(red)
Never Miss(red)        01ffd6cf

Infinite Money(red)    019947D3

No Random Fights(red)  01033cd1
Infinite Health(red)   01ff16d0 
Infinite PP(red)       01282dd0
Infinite First Spell   01282dd0(red)
Infinite Second Spell  01282ed0(red)
Infinite Third Spell   01282fd0(red)
Infinite Fourth Spell  012830d0(red)
Infinite Money         019947d3
No Random Battles      01033cd1

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