Kirby Air Ride GameCube Cheats

Kirby Air Ride


Bonus Star Objectives:

Air Ride: Finish in 1st place while flying through the air
Winged Star
Air Ride: Checker Knights: Finish 2 laps in under 3:05:00
Slick Star
Race all of the standard Air Ride courses
Wheelie Bike
In any mode other than Free Run, reach the goal a total of 3 times
Wagon Star
Defeat over 100 enemies using the exhaled star
Rex Wheelie
Air Ride: Start the final lap in 4th place and move to 1st to win
Wheelie Scooter
Race over 4,500ft under 02:00:00 in Machine Passage
Jet Star
Use all the volcano rails and in finish 1st place
Turbo Star
Finish 1 lap in Machine Passage in under 01:05:00
Rocket Star
Defeat 10 or more enemies using the quick spin
Shadow Star
Time Attack: finish Frozen Hillside in under 03:14:00
Formula Star
Time Attack: Beat Celestial Valley in under 03:32:00
Bulk Star
Air Ride: Sky Sands: Finish 2 laps in under 2:05:00
Swerve Star


Spend 30 minutes in total in the air.

King Dedede in City Trial:

Fight him in event stage 24.

King Dedede in Air Ride:

Kill 1000 enemies.


Collect over 18 unique items.


Get 1st Place on every course without using any items.

Who? Paint:

Collect over 500 items.

MetaKnight in City Trial Free Run:

Destroy a total of 1000 boxes.

Bulk Star:

Beat Celestial Valley in time attack mode under 3:20:00.

Formal Star:

Beat Frozen Hillside in time attack mode under 3:14:00.


Complete 100 laps on any level to unlock him in Air Ride.

King Dedede:

Beast King Dedede in Event Stage 24 to unlock him in City Trial, or beat 1000 opponents to unlock him in Air Ride.


Break 1000 boxes in City Trial to unlock him there, or get 30 minutes of total air time air time to unlock him in Air Ride.

Rex Wheelie:

Beat 100 enemies on Exhaled Stars in Air Ride.

Rocket Star:

Complete one lap on Machine Passage under 1:05:00.

Shadow Star:

Knock out 100 enemies with a quick spin.

Slick Star:

Complete two laps on Checkered Nights under 3:05:00.

Wheelie Bike:

Play all the standard courses.

Wing Star:

Cross the finish line in first place while in the air.

Extra movie:

Glide for one hour, total.

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