Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The GameCube Cheats

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers


Pause the game, hold L + R andenter the following codes:

Restore Health:

Y, Down, A, Up.

Restore Ammo:

A, Down, Y, Up.

Gain 1000 XP:

A, Down, Down, Down.

Level 2 skills:

X, Right, X, Right.

Level 4 skills:

Y, Up, Y, Up.

Level 6 skills:

B, Left, B, Left.

Level 8 skills:

A, A, Down, Down.

The following codes will only work after the game has been completed.


Y, B, A, X.

Infinite missile weapons:

B, X, A, Y.

Devastating attacks:

B, B, X, X.

All combo upgrades:

Y, X, Y, X.

Small enemies:

Y, Y, A, A.

Slow motion:

Y, X, A, B.

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