Madden NFL 2004 GameCube Cheats

Madden NFL 2004


Bingo cheat:

Attain level 2 in the EA Sports Bio.

Ray Lewis:

Attain level 3 in the EA Sports Bio.

1990 Eagles:

Attain level 4 in the EA Sports Bio.

Steve Spurrier

Attain level 6 in the EA Sports Bio.

Priest Holmes

Attain level 9 in the EA Sports Bio.

Wind Gust cheat:

Attain level 14 in the EA Sports Bio.

Super Bowl 38 stadium:

Attain level 19 in the EA Sports Bio.

Tiburon Stadium:

Attain level 29 in the EA Sports Bio.

Amazing player for cheap:

Create a player in Franchise mode. Instead of editing the stats, leave them how they are. Exit the create player menu and go to Free Agent signing. Sign your created player for a 7-year deal for as cheap as it will let you. Go back to create a player menu, select your created player and choose to edit his stats. Now crank them as high as you want. Now you will have a player rated 99 in everything, but are only paying for a player that is rated 28.

Get Madden Cards Easily:

Go to Rosters and give every starter on your team a 99 rating. Then go to a different team and make their team rating 0. Play a game against them and you'll wind up with tons of tokens.

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